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GTA 5 Android (Apk+Obb) Download | Gta 5 Apk Download For Android 2020 (Link Updated)

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gta 5 download for android
gta 5 android

GTA 5 Android :

Hey whats up guys welcome back to another article on my gaming website today in this article you are talking about a very special topic this topic is asked to me a lot of time to make an article on it. Yes we are talking about GTA 5 Android if you guys want to to play GTA V game on your Android devices can you guys are at the right place where you guys are going to get the game you guys want. 

GTA 5 download for Android. So if you guys don't know GTA V is an open world game. Please that we can do whatever we want in this game. This game is the latest version of GTA series. The full form of GTA Grand Theft Auto. This is the most popular series of open world games from Rockstar. GTA 5 APK or GTA V APK download. 

Talking about the evolution of GTA series that is the Grand Theft Auto series there are several games where came and popular at a certain time. Those games are namely grand Theft Auto game, GTA Vice City, GTA Liberty City stories, GTA San Andreas, GTA III, GTA Chinatown Wars, GTA IV, at the end the latest that is GTA 5. 

If you guys want to download GTA 5 for Android full APK free. The application of game that is Grand Theft Auto 5 game is provided to all of you guys given below you guys can check that out. That is GTA 5 apk. Send data file of GTA 5 game that is GTA 5 OBB file. Is also provided to all of you guys given below us can check that out.

gta 5 download for android
Gta 5 download for android

File Name Gta 5
Version V2.0
Android Version 4.0 and Higher
Size 22MB App
Developers Rockstar Games
File Type Apk+Obb

 Download Gta 5 Apk 

GTA 5 Apk :

So if you guys are searching for GTA 5 APK Android. Then I already have provided to all of you guys the GTA 5 APK above. You can check the above links for it to download the GTA 5 APK. As we all guys know that Grand Theft Auto 5 that is GTA 5 game is a big change with and high graphics in it. As we compare the GTA 5 game with other GTA games like GTA Vice City or GTA San Andreas. 

Then we guys are going to actually figure out that the amount of graphics GTA 5 that is Grand Theft Auto 5 game has none of the GTA other game have. Like the Grand Theft Auto IV GTA 4 game is also and high graphical game. Grand Theft Auto 4 game works on high in devices because the amount of graphics in GTA 4 are of high end performance. As we compared GTA 4 game with the Grand Theft Auto 3 game

Then he can easily figure out that grand Theft Auto 3 game doesn't have high graphics Grand Theft Auto IV. If you are a gamer then I I know that you guys must used to it. But as we compared the graphics of GTA 5 with the GTA 5 for any GTA franchise then we'll come to a point the amount of graphics of GTA 5 game are high. 

So guys high graphic games required high data storage size. And that is the high graphical there's have separate application and data. And wegamers called it as APK and OBB file. We are the APK is just and launcher of a particular game. But the 0bb file is the file which contains all the data of the game including textures and other things in the game. 

If you guys want to download GTA 5 mobile download. Then you guys must need to take care of these things that you guys have to download the apk file of GTA 5. That is GTA 5 APK Android. And the second thing you guys need to download if the OBB file of the GTA V. That is obb file of GTA 5 game for Android devices.

gta 5 download for android
gta 5 apk

GTA 5 Obb :

Now let's talk about GTA 5 OBB file. So file are basically the file which contains the whole data for a particular game in Android. As you all guys know that now there are high graphical games where available for Android as we can see that there are a lot of high graphical like PC like games where available for Android device to play. And we can actually play it on our Android device with the highest graphics. 

Because the built in quality of Android phone the processor of Android phone and overall performance of an Android phone now a days are amazing because of such games. Player unknown battlegrounds is one of the most high graphical and popular game available for our Android device. And the mobile phone developed where developing their device according to the game preferences. 

As you always know that every Android high graphical game has high data. High graphics of king means that the amount of size of that game is like the amount of GB. As you all know that to the hi graphics of games the size of the game has increased and it can be up to more than 2GB. And this side of the game is just because the data of that particular game. 

And search data of a particular gain known as 0bb file of a particular game. Like GTA 5 OBB file download for Android. Show the application of of a particular game is just to launch the game but the overall data of the game. Is available inside the 0bb file of the game. This file has its definite pathway. 

GTA 5 mobile download. If you guys want to download any of the high graphical game which has high size. Like in fact if you guys want to download GTA 5 APK Android download. Inform that you guys need to download the obb file of that particular game also. To run the game without any kind of error easy on your Android device.

gta 5 download for android
Gta 5 apk download

GTA 5 Android Requirements :

  • Your Android must have android version 4.0 and Higher. To play the GTA 5 game on Android. 
  • Your Android phone must have 2GB of RAM and higher. For the better gaming experience and better gaming performance. 
  • Your Android phone must have free of storage space in your storage memory. Especially on your internal storage. 
  • Your Android phone must have powerful processor. If you have 2GB RAM of phone when your phone already have high processor. 
  • Phone mast how strong internet connection. For better connectivity need at least one to 10 MBPS of internet speed. 

gta 5 download for android
Download Gta 5 for android full apk free

GTA 5 Features :

  • Open world futuristic game, we can do whatever we want in this game. We have a city and our character. 
  • Amazing realistic graphics of the game. This game come up with an amazing high graphics. 
  • Online feature available. Online playing of games in his own is also available we can use it also. 
  • This game come up with an amazing story line. The story of the game is amazing and it is for the better gaming experience. 
  • As I said this game has amazing story line but at the same time. Game has amazing missions based on that story. 
  • Different Store available in this game for realistic gaming experience. For each and every gamer. 
  • Special character where allocated for ourself. We can customise our own character according to us. 
  • High graphical and realistic new updated vehicles where added. All your favourite bikes, cars, and other off road stuff where available. 
  • New weapons with their amazing skins. Also updated in this game. The new weapons and skins provide us amazing experience.

How To Install Games With Apk And Obb File :

  1. Install the app first. Don't open the app just click on done the after installation don't open application. 
  2. Now copy obb file and paste it inside the Android>>obb>>[paste here] of your internal storage. 
  3. You go guys, launch the game and enjoy it.(if any kind of error occur, then the detail installation where provided to all of you guys given below you guys can check that also).

How To Install Gta V Game On Android (Detailed Installation) :

  • First of all you guys need to download GTA 5 APK. The link of the GTA 5 APK provided to all of you guys in this article download it. 
  • After downloading the GTA 5 APK you guys need to download GTA 5 OBB file. The link of two OBB file is also provided to all of you guys in this article. 
  • After downloading both the APK and OBB files. Put those to file in an single folder. You guys can name it anything to that folder. 
  • After that firstly you guys need to install the application of GTA V game. Install the application first. 
  • Now this is very important for all of you guys to avoid error is that just install the application don't open it just click on done don't open it. 
  • It may be ask you to activate the unknown resources for it to install the application of GTA V. So you guys can go into setting and turn the unknown resources on. 
gta 5 download for android

  • After installing the application on you guys need to do it just need to focus on the ovf file now. 
  • So OBB file of the GTA 5 game must be in zip format. You guys can use any of the unzip application to extract the file. 
  • I personally preferred to all of you guys to use the Zachiever application for it you guys can download it from-here. 
  • Now after installing the application and OBB file extraction. You guys need to copy the folder of 0bb file which you guys have extracted. 
gta 5 download for android

  • And need to paste that OBB file folder into your internal storage at this location Internal Storage>>Android>>>Obb>>[Paste Here]
gta 5 download for android

  • Now in your internal storage if there is no 0bb folder available. Then there is no need to worry about it. 
  • So if there is no only folder where available in the Android Folder of your internal storage all you guys need to do is just manually create a folder named "0bb". 
  • And paste the obb file inside the obb folder of your internal storage. Just paste it carefully and easily. 
  • Now remember one thing that is you guys need to paste this file inside the internal storage of your phone don't use your SD card at all in this. 
  • And here you go guys the game is ready to play now. Just follow the simple steps which I have told you to avoid any kind of error.


Hey guys if you found this article to be helpful and informative for all of you guys. Then don't forget to share this with your friends, family and colleagues. So that they can also get the game they want from here. Also don't forget to share your thoughts about this game in the comment box of this article. Also if you guys want to give some suggestion for want to give us a feedback in good forget to comment down below in the comment box. Guys face any kind of query or problem during installation in don't forget to read the detailed installation paragraph carefully and still you guys get any kind of error then just comment it down. And at the end of the day thank you so much for reading this article have a nice day.