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Friday, October 9, 2020

Whatsapp Plus Latest Version Apk Download 2020 (Blue Whatsapp)

Whatspp Plus Apk Download:

So as in this world of Technology we all guys have our personal or business accounts on social media. Because social media is the thing which is common and related to our life right now. So there is no question about to you on social media. As we already discussed that everyone is on social media right now. Also social media doesn't have any kind of age limit or stuff like that. Social media can be anything. 

So if you guys one of those social media freak guys we use all the social media platforms which are available or which are popular. So today in this article we all guys are talking about whatsApp Plus. As we all know that WhatsApp is a application which everyone use right now. We use WhatsApp to chat with our friends to share some of the media files and there are a lot of use of WhatsApp. But as I used the word called whatsApp Plus. 

whatsapp plus download

Now whenever we add plus to a particular thing which means that it actually increase the feature of a particular thing. So if you guys were using WhatsApp which itself have a lot of Amazing features as we always know about it. But I am talking about WhatsApp Plus now WhatsApp Plus is nothing but whatsApp with amazing new features in it. If you listen to the features of the WhatsApp Plus application then you guys were going to forget everything and download the WhatsApp Plus application. For sure. 

So yes WhatsApp Plus is all about some amazing features in a WhatsApp particular application itself. A normal WhatsApp application have amazing features as we all can know that cuz we are using it from a lot of years now. But after using WhatsApp from a while we actually figure out that a lot of features can be updated in WhatsApp. Or we actually hope that maybe I have this feature in WhatsApp maybe WhatsApp has this feature so we can actually explore the things even better. 

Then I am very glad to say you all that the WhatsApp plus have all the features which you guys are finding in a normal WhatsApp application. So if you guys want to explore all the new features of the WhatsApp Plus application rather than using the normal WhatsApp application. Then you guys are actor right place on the right article where you guys are going to get the perfect application for you guys that you guys want. So read this article carefully to understand everything about WhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus. And to download WhatsApp Mod APK.

What Is Whatsapp Plus Mod Apk:

Now let's talk about what is WhatsApp plus. If you guys want to download WhatsApp plus new version Mod APK download for Android 2020. Then you guys can scroll down and download it easily. 

WhatsApp plus Mod application is nothing but a WhatsApp application. You guys can use that application as you guys use the WhatsApp even the interface is same as the normal WhatsApp application itself. 

But WhatsApp Plus application has amazing mind blowing features. You guys can check out the features by downloading and using the application itself. Or or you guys can check out the WhatsApp plus feature section of this article. 

WhatsApp plus Mod application came up with amazing features which can actually blow your mind up. If you guys using WhatsApp for years then you guys are going to love the WhatsApp Plus application. 

The modded version of WhatsApp cold as WhatsApp Plus APK. It is different than the normal WhatsApp because this WhatsApp Plus application has amazing features itself. 

Because of these amazing features this application named as WhatsApp Plus application. This WhatsApp Plus application also have new updates in it. If you guys want to download the new version then link is provided to all of you guys. 

And you guys don't need to worry about the new version because the new version of WhatsApp will be already updated on this website. So don't worry about that you guys can get the new version of WhatsApp Plus on this website easily.

Features Of Whatsapp Plus Mod Apk:

Interface: Now talking about any application. The overall interface of a particular application matters a lot. Not talking about WhatsApp Plus new version apk download have amazing interface. This application have user friendly interface. So that if you are a user of normal WhatsApp you guys not get confused. 

Themes: Now talking about themes of this WhatsApp plus Mod APK new version. There are several years of themes where provided in the the Theme setting of this WhatsApp Plus application. Now talking about a normal WhatsApp application we don't have any option for themes and the other stuff. But in this application you guys can actually change the theme according to you. 

gbwhatsapp plus

Dark Mode: Now as we all know that in this world of social media everyone have a lot of expectations from the social media application the use. And according to the feedback given by the users to the application developers the developers change it according to the customers. Now dark mode is a very important feature in every application right now. And it is available in this application also. 

Security: Now talking about security of this application has a amazing setup for it. We guys can actually set up our security setting for this application. If you guys want to add a pattern to the whole application you guys can do that into the setting of this WhatsApp Plus application. If you guys want to add a pattern lock or a pin lock to a specific contact then you guys can also do that in this application. 

whatsapp gb plus

Privacy: Now talking about privacy option in this WhatsApp plus Mod APK new version download. There are amazing privacy factors and options were provided in this application. You guys can customise you guys want a single tick view to your received message. You guys can choose a double tick to your received message. There are a lot of privacy options we have provided you guys can check that out after downloading the application itself. 

whatsapp plus apk download

Custom Privacy: Now talking about what is custom privacy in this WhatsApp plus Mod application. Is that you guys can actually set a custom privacy for a particular contact. Like if you guys want a particular contact to show a single tick to his messages or if you guys want to hide typing option. Then these kinds of custom privacy for a particular contact to set it is available in this application. 


Status Privacy: Now talking about WhatsApp status everyone use to upload their WhatsApp status. Now you guys can decide that you guys want to give your view to the WhatsApp status you watch. In simple words if you watch a WhatsApp status of your friend. If you just click the scene option then only and only that particular friend see your name in the view option of his WhatsApp status. 

Custom Icons: As you always know that if we seen a particular message then the person whose send the message got blue ticks. The meaning of blue ticks are the message is seen by the receiver. There are amazing blue tick icons where provided in this application. So if you guys got tired of bluetick then you guys can choose the options for icons according to you to put rather than blue tick. 

whatsapp plus gb

Status Download: As we always know that people upload their WhatsApp status. Or if our friend upload a WhatsApp status which is so nice and if you guys want to upload the same status then you need to message that particular person to send that to you so you can upload it. But when you have this WhatsApp Plus application you guys can actually download any WhatsApp status you guys watched by clicking on the download button simply. 

whatsapp mod apk

Hide Profile: Now talking about hide profile picture. If you guys don't want a person to watch your profile picture then you guys can actually said that which of your contact can see your profile picture and which of your contact cant see. It depends on your customisation if you choose a particular person to not watch your profile picture then that particular person will never going to watch your profile picture for never going to see your profile picture. 

Group Option: As your guy is know that there are several soft WhatsApp groups where available. Which are nearly uncountable groups where available on the WhatsApp. Even your own WhatsApp have 7-8 where joint. So if if you want to set a custom privacy for the groups then you guys can do it in this application. Custom privacy is like you guys can hide typing hide your status. And there are a lot of options where available you was can check that out.

Difference Between Whatsapp & Whatsapp Plus:
Whatsapp Whatsapp Plus
Don't have different theme options. To change the overall interface of the application. Have the option to change the theme. We can select any theme which is suitable to your mood to change the interface.
Don't have option to change the profile picture or hide the profile picture. For a particular contact. In Whatsapp plus we have the option to actually change the profile picture for to hide the profile picture for a particular contact.
Don't have customisation option in icons of the WhatsApp. In simple word don't have option to change the icons of single tick double tick and blue tick. In this application we do have a lot of options to change the icons of the WhatsApp Messenger. We can change the icon according to us there are a lot of icons options where available.
Don't have privacy option for a particular contact. Like if you want a particular contact if a sender send you message we want to show him a single tick only then you don't have that option. We do have all the privacy options in this application. And yes this application do have privacy option for a particular contact also. If a sender send your message and if you choose that contact.
In normal WhatsApp we can only watch the status of our contacts. We can't download that particular status from the Whatsapp application. In this application we guys can watch the status that's the normal thing but we can download it from the application itself.

Why Whatsapp Plus?
Now if you guys were using the normal WhatsApp application. Then what is the need of WhatsApp Plus application. The question came in front of all offers is that why WhatsApp Plus. Why you guys need to use WhatsApp Plus application. For what reasons. 

Now the answer of this simple question is because of amazing features. Yes WhatsApp Plus application have amazing features which normal WhatsApp doesn't have. Due to these kinds of reasons people prefer using WhatsApp Plus rather than using the normal one. 

Because normal WhatsApp don't have amazing features like WhatsApp plus have. People choose WhatsApp + application to use it to enjoy the new features of it. If you guys don't know what is the feature of WhatsApp Plus then go to the feature section of this article to know it. 

If you guys are using well it's not probably a question that if you are using WhatsApp or not because in this world of social media everyone is on WhatsApp. So if you use the normal WhatsApp application which is available on the app stores. 

Then after using the normal WhatsApp you guys might wondering that this feature must be updated. Aur you guys may be wondering that maybe this feature is available in WhatsApp. But it is not available. So the feature you guys wondering which is might be available in WhatsApp it is available in WhatsApp Plus application. 

Due to some of the reasons which are provided to all of you guys in the wall paragraphs. People prefer using WhatsApp plus rather than using the normal WhatsApp application. Sofia WhatsApp Plus due to the reasons which are provided.

How To Install Whatspp Plus New Version Apk:
  1. First of all you all guys need to download the application itself. So download WhatsApp plus latest new version apK. 
  2. After downloading the application all you guys need to do is just take a backup of your old normal WhatsApp application first. And copy that backup file to any folder of your SD card. 
  3. After taking backup now you guys are safe to uninstall the original application of WhatsApp. So uninstall the normal original application of WhatsApp. 
  4. Now install the WhatsApp Plus application by clicking on my install button. Sometimes the installation may be blocked so you guys need to turn on the unknown sources on. 
  5. If you uninstall the original WhatsApp then and only then this WhatsApp Plus application is going to be installed. 
  6. If you don't uninstall the original application then you guys not able to install the WhatsApp Plus application there is a error would popup. 
  7. After installing the WhatsApp Plus application you guys need to open 8 and do the normal things like enter your number and register. 
  8. Then it automatically catch your backup file and you guys can restored it so not of your any messages or chats were going to be delete. 
  9. And that's it you guys can now enjoy the WhatsApp Plus application with his amazing features and all the others stuffs.

Whatsapp Plus Apk Download:
Application Name Whatsapp Plus
Platform Android
Size 23 Mb
Android 4 & upper

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Show all the important information about WhatsApp Plus application will provided to all of you guys in article. Don't forget to read the article carefully with all the points. 

Also there are step by step information where provided in this article so things not got messed up. There is a installation section also provided in this article. 

There is a section in which the features of this application you are provided. Every portant aspect of this application has a section in this article. So don't forget to check it out. 

Still a few guys having any trouble in downloading the WhatsApp Plus application itself then don't forget to ask that out in the comment box. Also if you have any trouble in installation can also ask in comment. 

Thank you so much for reading this article.
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