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Thursday, August 22, 2019



Welcome everyone welcome back to another article on my gaming website today in this article we all guys are talking about a very special topic and that is pubg PC Lite new update yes guys today we all guys are talking about player unknown battlegrounds pC Lite India new update which is recently launched globally if you are already playing the older version of this game do you guys must know that the new update of this game has recently launched, and actually a lot of you guys have already updated their game to this next updated pubg game. But a lot of people actually don't know that which thing is new come in this game and today in this article I am going to tell you that which is the best thing that has came in this mode in pubg PC Lite.

Pubg PC Lite game is trending game now a days, on basis of this the companies seen that the response of users regarding this new pubg PC Lite game is amazing. Now personally talking being a gamer I personally play this game a lot because this game is amazingly optimised and this thing I loved a lot. If you guys are gamer if you guys love Battleground games if you guys love guns game like FPS and shooting games then I must prefer you to play the pubg PC Lite game on their PC not talking about the graphics and all the steps of this game is amazing as we all know in this new update there are two major updates where come in front of all of us and this major updates are comes in front of all of us just because the user base of this game is got too much increased just because of this game if you guys one of those who haven't yet played this game then I must tell you guys that just go ahead and play this game this game is amazing this game come up with both TPP and fpp version so just don't worry about it because a lot of people there comfortable in FPP but they are not comfortable in TPP on the other hand some users are comfortable with the TPP and not comfortable with the FPP. So we guys can manually select whether we want to match in FPP or TPP.


  • Some bugs were fixed and according to the users feedback some glitches and bugs wear fixed. 
  • There is some work on graphics and textures of the game 
  • New seasons in pubg PC Lite where launch, now like the pubg PC the pubg PC Lite also have seasons. 
  • New costumes and skins in the inventory, crates, store where updated. We can buy it or maybe we can earn it by daily sign in. 
  • New TDM 4 V 4 match mode where updated, now we can play with our escort with another squad in a place.
So as I told you there is a new season update where launched in this game so now there are season wise contribution will be there of this game, as we always know that in pubg mobile there where season provided like season 1, season 2, you and the currently the season is going on for the latest season, the latest current season Where are available right now is season 8 so the starting of this season is starting from 1 like season 1 so now same as like that the pubg PC Lite came also lost their first season now this season is going to increase currently only first season where launched because this game is launched globally in 2019. Short run sometime there is second season where launched so it keep on going. All the users need to gain for need to earn their tier whether it is bronze, gold, silver, diamond, platinum,etc. After the new season launched all users tier where detected depend on which place they have. Same as like the pubg mobile game and I hope that we all guys have played the player unknown battlegrounds mobile game because everyone having mobile right now and if a game like pubg where comes in mobile then we just have to play it and we have play it. So this is all about the Seasons In this game yeah sure the first season is launched.

Now let's talk about 4 V 4 update show the meaning of this is actually 4 versus 4 so as you always know that in the player unknown battlegrounds game if we play with our friends or random teammates then the amount of random players we get r 3 including us it comes up it 4 show the full squad is of four players 4 versus 4 in pubg is like squad versus squad like 1 squad is going to play a match against the other squad and as I already told you that was called contains 4 players, so if the fun squad is going to play against this other squad should definitely 4 players are playing against 4 players, that is why the name of this new update is 4 V 4 in pubg PC Lite. So if you guys are know the pubg mobile have recently lost on you more called TDM the full form of this is total deathmatch same like that the pubg lite has launched this 4 versus 4 match new feature in this we have a specific space where we are going to spawn at once side and the other four players where spawn on the other side of US. Then they were going to attacking on us and we were going to attacking on them. And this mode is amazing it gives you an another level of joy while playing it. So this is all about the 4 versus 4 match update in pubg PC Lite.


  • OS:-Windows 7,8,10 (64bit)
  • CPU:-Core i3 2.46 GHz
  • GPU:-DirectX 11 Intel HD graphics 4000
  • RAM:-4GB
  • HDD:-4GB

  • OS:-Windows 7,8,10 (64bit)
  • CPU:-Core i5 2.8 GHz
  • GPU:-DirectX 11 NVIDIA Geforce GTX 660 or AMD Redeon HD 7870
  • RAM:-8GB
  • HDD:-4GB

Here now let's talk about the game performance that how this pubg PC Lite India game exactly works so as all you guys have read the specification the Minimum requirements and the maximum requirement where presented about to all of you guys I have provided to all of you guys the minimum and maximum requirement to play it on PC for all of you guys in my article. So that you guys just don't be get any kind of question in your mind. Now talk about this game called pubg PC Lite India so as a given the title game performance so talking about the performance of this game so as we all know that this is a Lite version the real pubg PC game is a different game but it is the compact for light version of that real pubg PC game. But I must say that after you play This pubg PC Lite India game you guys are not going to recognise that this is not a pubg PC game overall I want to just say you guys that this game is amazingly optimised and the performance of game is amazing you guys are going to get how this cream is performed by playing this game itself. So I must recommend you guys to play this pubg PC Lite India game in your PC now.
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